Mass Intentions

  1. The suggested donation for Mass intentions is $20 for announced masses, which are said here in the parish, and $10 for unannounced masses which will be said at the discretion of the parish priests.
  2. No more than one name is allowed per mass intention. It can be for husband and wife, or for “members of the Smith family”, but including multiple names for one mass is not allowed unless permission is granted by the Archbishop’s office.
  3. Intentions can be for the deceased, for the living, or for the intentions for a person. Masses which say ‘in thanksgiving’ should be discouraged as all masses are in thanksgiving. The Masses for the Pope, or for the souls in purgatory are also not allowed as these are specifically done within the canon of every mass. Masses for the saints or for either of the sacred hearts are not appropriate either, specific devotions are said for these.
  4. Names of those who are to be prayed for should be marked clearly. Those who are deceased should have a cross before their names. It is not necessary for the priests to have the name of those who requested the mass; he announces only the intentions at mass. The names of those who requested the mass may be published in the bulletin.
  5. All masses should be booked through the parish office only. The Priests will not book masses on Sunday.
  6. Mass cards for the deceased and for special intentions should be available if the person booking the mass requests it. There are cards for both announced and unannounced masses.

For more information please contact the Parish Office at 705-292-8823