1. Funerals may be conducted for any person who has some connection with this parish, whether a regular parishioner or not. Funeral services without a Mass for Catholics should be discouraged.
  2. Masses at funeral homes are not usually allowed. Celebration of the Eucharist is not allowed in a non Catholic cemetery or mausoleum. Whenever possible, members of the deceased family should be encouraged to go to Catholic cemeteries as the money they pay is used for the corporal works of the church and not for private profit. The archdiocese also provides a yearly mass said at the catholic cemeteries around the feast of the Assumption.
  3. Normal time for a funeral Mass is 10:30 am during the week. If the funeral takes place on Saturday, it will be held at 9:30 am. Arrangement of music and servers should be done through the Parish Office. The family is welcomed to use the parish hall.
  4. A Bereavement Mass is celebrated once a year for all those who have passed away during that year.
  • For more information please contact the Parish Office at 705-292-8823