In baptism, a person is born into and shares in the life of God and the Church. Through baptism, a person is adopted by the Father as a beloved son or daughter, incorporated into Christ and his body, the Church, and becomes a temple of the Holy Spirit. Baptism, the first sacrament, forgives both original and committed sins, and opens the way for a person to live and grow in God and the Church through the other sacraments.

What We Do

The priest offers baptism preparation to help and guide parents who request baptism for their children. During the process, parents and godparents are reminded of the responsibilities they are undertaking as they initiate the faith journey of their children. They are also offered information and direction regarding Catholic practices and beliefs.

  • The suggested donation for baptism preparation is $50
  • Please contact the Parish Office at least a month prior to the proposed date of Baptism
  • Application forms are available at the office